8 Myths About Joining the Construction Industry

10 November 2015


Most people have a hopelessly outdated idea of what a career in construction offers. Here are the 8 most common myths about joining the industry:

  1. A degree is a better path to a good career
    Going to university is seen as a proven path to a good career. However, pursuing a skilled trade is a completely different but equally respectable choice. Just like getting a degree, an apprenticeship is another form of post-secondary education.

    Some trades require 8,000 hours of on-the-job training as well as classes, tests and certifications. For some roles, that’s more than 15,000 hours of training and learning.

    Apprentices also receive paid training by their employer for 80% of their apprenticeship. So this way, you are gaining experience in your chosen profession at the same time as you are learning; and getting paid too!

  2. Only those who didn’t do well in school join the industry
    The construction industry is full of dynamic people who have invested many years in training to receive their professional title. There are lots of roles that require good academic results or higher-level qualifications.

  3. You will spend your life doing the same things
    The days are gone where workers, in any industry, spent their whole working life doing the same thing. The diverse nature of the construction industry and its sheer size means you could spend most of your day outdoors or in an office environment.

  4. There is no skill involved
    Construction work requires the skilled use of a variety of tools. It takes a huge level of craftsmanship to build structurally safe, visually engaging and properly functioning buildings. The process of which has been perfected through thousands of hours of practice and application.

  5. It is an unsafe working environment
    The UK's construction industry is the safest in Europe. For every role, there are health and safety requirements and anyone who wants to enter a site must first carry out a safety induction.

    Workplace safety is always a priority and every company has strict safety standards. All employers are legally required to provide a safe work environment for employees and every employee must be trained in safe work practices.

  6. It is a male dominated industry
    The idea that women don’t belong in the trades is an outdated stereotype. The skills shortage in the UK is hindered by increasing retirement rates and a lack of young people entering the industry. Increasingly so, women are a huge part of the construction industry’s future.

  7. Construction harms the environment
    Modern buildings throughout the UK are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This sustainability is a major priority for the modern construction industry. Locally, projects can have many benefits for communities, such as the creation of jobs and the improvement of local facilities.

  8. The construction industry is old-fashioned
    Computer and animation technology is increasing in popularity across all industries and none moreso than within construction. We can be proud that the UK is at the forefront of the transformation of the industry and some of the world’s most innovative technology has been developed here.

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