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Electrical – Working live or dead?

Work on live or exposed conductors should rarely be permitted as many accidents occur when working on equipment that could have been isolated. However, sometimes there is no other option but to work...
07 June 2016

HV Electrical – the responsibility of supervisors and managers

If you have any form of managerial or supervisory responsibility within high voltage electricity, it is crucial you ensure everyone knows how to work safely, minimising risk, and are aware of the...
01 June 2016

LV Electrical Equipment – Managing the Dangers

Electricity is dangerous, and any equipment must be properly designed, installed and maintained regularly so that any risks of fire, shocks or burns are managed. Depending on your industry, there are...
25 May 2016

Electrical Hazards – why HV Training is necessary

Electricity kills and severely injures people every year, as well as causing damage to property from the resulting fires and explosions. But what are the hazards? And why is training necessary?
20 May 2016

F-Gas regulations explained

Fluorinated gases (or F-gases) are man-made gases that are durable enough to stay in our atmosphere for centuries, contributing to a global greenhouse effect. They are used across the globe for a...
04 May 2016