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Confined Space Training - What do the regulations say?

Regulations can be confusing, frustrating and difficult to understand; particularly when concerning confined spaces. The definition of a confined space is broad and can lead to a grey area that poses...
26 April 2016

Apprenticeships can keep the lights on and cut youth unemployment

There is a shocking lack of skills in the utilities sector. That isn’t sensationalism - it’s a very real problem caused by an ageing workforce nearing retirement and not enough people entering the...
12 April 2016

Streetworks Refresher Training - Things you should know

Since new legislation was introduced back in 2011, anyone working on the highways is subject to streetworks refresher training under the New Roads and Streetworks Acts 1991 (NRSWA Training). 
07 April 2016

How are you supporting your team leaders?

Coaching is not new in business. Many organisations treat it as a core management capability and measure manager’s competency in this area. Why do they see it as important?
29 March 2016

The National Water Hygiene Card - All you need to know

Water is an often overlooked, but completely crucial part of the UK’s infrastructure. Ensuring that we have safe, uncontaminated water led to the introduction of the National Water Hygiene Card;...
24 March 2016