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T Levels – what are they and what do they have to do with apprenticeships?

For years, employers have been calling for more vocational training in schools and further education. Now the government has introduced the T Level.
18 March 2019

A quick guide to apprenticeships #NAW2019

It’s National Apprenticeship Week (March 4 – 9 2019). Here’s our quick guide to apprenticeships and where to find out more... 
06 March 2019

Apprenticeships and Earning Potential

A recent study conducted by the Social Mobility Commission found that an academic qualification (such as a typical University degree) isn’t the most important factor when it comes to your earning...
01 August 2018

Apprenticeships can keep the lights on and cut youth unemployment

There is a shocking lack of skills in the utilities sector. That isn’t sensationalism - it’s a very real problem caused by an ageing workforce nearing retirement and not enough people entering the...
12 April 2016

Trailblazers: the Future of Apprenticeships?

The UK skills shortage is a problem that’s affecting the whole country. Not enough young people entering the industry, coupled with an ageing workforce edging closer to retirement, is presenting the...
27 November 2015