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8 Myths About Joining the Construction Industry

Most people have a hopelessly outdated idea of what a career in construction offers. Here are the 8 most common myths about joining the industry:
10 November 2015

How apprenticeships are key to addressing the UK skills crisis

It is no secret that Britain is facing the biggest skills shortage for a generation. We’re in urgent need of skilled workers across all industries, particularly engineers, plumbers and builders....
26 October 2015

Help young people train for a job that’s crucial

There is a whole generation out there today - perhaps you're among them - who may not recall a time without WiFi, let alone mobile phones. Connectivity is important, but people's priorities would...
30 March 2015

The benefits of NVQ qualifications

With 50% of the workforce set to leave the energy and utilities industry over the next 10 years, employers need to plan how they are going to fill the skills gap they leave behind. Industry leaders...
10 September 2014