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Carbon Monoxide - what are the symptoms of poisoning?

Develop Training is supporting Gas Safety Week 2018. The eighth annual Gas Safety Week will see organisations from across the UK working together to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly...
20 September 2018

Be aware: Health & Safety breaches could mean heavy fines - even jail!

Tougher penalties are planned for organisations and individuals who breach health and safety laws. These may include heavy fines and long jail terms.
03 March 2016

Why “Sheep Dipping” is wrong as an approach to training management

Nationwide, many employees are still being subjected to the outdated training practice of ‘sheep dipping’. We’ve all been there, stuck in a room sitting through compulsory training, feeling like your...
22 February 2016

6 Reasons automation makes sense in training management

To stay compliant with the persistent stream of new policies and procedures in the UK today, businesses are forced to continually evolve. Keeping your workforce properly trained and compliant can be...
22 February 2016

5 Ways DTL's Code of Practice will benefit your business

We started 2016 with some very exciting announcements, one of which was our new Code of Practice (COP), which sets out DTL’s standards in relation to quality and consistency in our training. But...
11 February 2016