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A quick guide to apprenticeships #NAW2019

It’s National Apprenticeship Week (March 4 – 9 2019). Here’s our quick guide to apprenticeships and where to find out more... 
06 March 2019

Ssh! The secret to effective management

“Organisations thrive when they employ managers who better understand the nature of people at the heart of the business and the basics of what drives, motivates, engages and stresses every...
24 November 2016

Using neuroscience to become better managers

The burgeoning field of neuroscience - the study of the nervous system and brain - appears to have gone mainstream in recent years. More of us are seeking to translate scientific understanding and...
11 October 2016

How are you supporting your team leaders?

Coaching is not new in business. Many organisations treat it as a core management capability and measure manager’s competency in this area. Why do they see it as important?
29 March 2016

Do your managers actually have management skills?

We’ve all seen it happen – a colleague who is good at their job gets promoted into a management role, only to struggle because their management and people skills are not up to scratch. Although many...
10 March 2016