Utilities industry needs to meet smart metering skills shortage head on

07 March 2016


With smart meters due to be installed in every home by 2020, the number of meter installers in the UK will need to double but where will all these new engineers come from?

From a consumer’s point of view, the launch of smart meters is good news as they mean you can fully understand how you are using your electricity within your home, enabling you to identify areas of potential savings. But what if the industry isn’t able to provide the workforce to meet the government’s deadline of 2020?

As UK employers desperately seek operatives who are installation ready, they will have to roll out training initiatives to bring in the new talent, upskill current employees and launch new apprenticeships - this will see the cost inevitably passed onto consumers via a price rise in services. So what can be done to avoid this from happening?

Siemens address the challenge

As the smart metering rollout gains speed, our client Siemens is addressing the challenge of obtaining skilled operatives by creating a new training initiative with us – a solution which may benefit other companies facing the same issues.

The first wave of Siemens new smart meter engineers, which have experience in gas and electric meter installations or a gas industry background, go through practical and written assessments via our programme.

Blended learning with Develop

Electrical training for gas safe-approved engineers and dual fuel training are delivered in an interactive style known as blended learning, chosen by the DTL team to enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways to suit them, including classroom-based learning, e-learning, practical training and onsite mentoring.

All energy suppliers would be wise to put smart meter training strategies in place to safely prepare their engineers as the pace to install the technology in homes and small business premises quickens. To achieve this successfully, it’s essential to have correct operative instruction from a specialist such as ourselves.

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