What is a confined space?

20 September 2013

You may have been working in one without even realising!

You can be exposed to working in a confined space in any industry and the majority of us have been exposed to one at some point in our lives. A confined space by definition is anywhere a person is required to enter an enclosed space where they could be affected by any of the specified risks, as detailed below:

    • Liquids: where a person could drownConfined_space_training
    • Solids: where a person could be trappe
    • Gas: where a person could asphyxiat
    • Gas: which could explode
    • Temperature: where a person could have an increase in body temperature

Have you been in a room which has freshly been painted with the windows closed, because it's too cold outside to open them?  If you have, then you may have been exposed to the elements of "Confined Space's". The room would have been enclosed, and full of toxins from the paint.


Definition of confined space

There is some confusion surrounding 'what is a Confined Space' and if organisations require this type of confined space training. This is due to the fact that confined spaces can be below or above ground, and can be found in almost any workplace. A confined space, despite its name, is not necessarily small. Examples of confined spaces include utility vaults, tanks, sewers, pipes, access shafts, aircraft wings, boilers, manholes and storage bins.

Recently there have been a number of accidents on farms where slurry tanks have presented a hazardous confined space environment. 

It is due to this confusion that so many workers are injured and even killed whilst working in confined space's, without actually realising they are in one.

The conditions in a confined space are extremely hazardous and in certain circumstances can be life threatening. This variability and unpredictability is why it is vital your workforce is compliant with the latest regulations.

Courses for working in confined spaces

Are you working in a confined space without the relevant confined space training, or do you supervise operatives that may be exposed to confined spaces?

Why not check out our confined spaces training courses, we have different levels of courses to suit everyone's needs and requirements. From Management, Supervision, entry or general awareness, our courses are delivered for operatives, supervisors, and for Authorised Persons to create and manage safe systems of work, and also for employers new to managing confined space entry.

Find out more information on our confined space training courses here,courses meet the requirements of the City and Guilds 6150 Confined Space qualification and also meet the standards issued by the Water Industry and by the MOD.

Whether you work in the water industry, general industry or MOD and healthcare we have a confined spaces training solution to suit your needs.

For more information about confined spaces, call our training advisory team on 0800 876 6708.


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